The Hotel Hotel Anuradhapura

Celebrate your wedding in style with us at heritage hotel and make the best day of your life a memorable one with some lifetime memories. We are the best venue in Anuradhapura to host your wedding as per your requirement.

There are two halls as well as a beautiful outdoor garden to hold your wedding ceremony.

Unique places where you can see the big pagodas near the lake in the front garden for the wedding raft will add elegance to your wedding ceremony. Moreover, the indoor garden with a breathtaking green backdrop will add a unique experience to you.

The best place for your celebrations.



Royal Crystal Ballroom

The Royal Crystal Ballroom is an ideal venue for your wedding, especially if you have a larger guest count. The extensive top-notch light system enhances the stylish ambiance, making it the most beautiful light system in Anuradhapura, captivating beholders. With its spacious layout, the hall accommodates arrangements like a raft, setback DJ, and more. You even have the option to set up your own bar if needed. The absence of pillars in the middle ensures unobstructed views for participants, making your event more enjoyable. This feature also ensures that your photos capture the essence of the occasion. The generously sized hall can accommodate around 400 guests, and a beautifully designed carpet adds a touch of grandeur for your attendees.

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Golden Crown Ballroom

The recently renovated Golden Crown Ballroom is the perfect venue for your wedding. With its unique shape, it is possible to arrange your raft, setback DJ, etc. inside the hall. The large light system at the top will add a stylish touch to your wedding. Furthermore, the absence of pillars in the center of the hall ensures that attendees have a clear view of your event. This guarantees that your photos will also be valued. In addition, a beautifully designed carpet will enhance the grandeur for your guests. The ballroom can accommodate approximately 200 guests for your catering needs.

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Why you should choose us?
  • Ours is the best price in the market.

  • Menus can be customized according to your needs.

  • Ample parking space for your vehicles.

  • Efficiently managing the wedding ceremony by delivering cost-effective solutions for all expenses involved.

  • Collaborating closely with an experienced wedding planner who will meticulously plan and coordinate every aspect of the event.

  • Ensuring the provision of delectable food and beverages, arranging them in an aesthetically pleasing manner to enhance the overall experience of the guests.

  • Facilitating top-notch photography services that capture the essence and beauty of the wedding ceremony. Moreover, leveraging our network to secure discounts on other essential services such as bridal makeup, dressing, and exquisite wedding cakes.